Lake Worth now accepting event applications

June 2, 2017 by  

The Florida community of Lake Worth has a full calendar of events planned throughout the year, and the city has announced that it is currently accepting applications from businesses and organizations that may wish to add their activity to the agenda.

According to the city, it is currently accepting applications from those who wish to hold a special event on public property. Each request made will be reviewed by its special events staff on an individual basis, and if approved, the promoters or other organizers will be notified through email or over the phone.

The function will then be placed on the master calendar for the community, and a confirmation letter will be mailed out that sets out a schedule of important dates and what items and additional information is required before the event takes place.

Anyone who plans on making such an application is reminded that it must be complete, including all the applicable fees and site maps, before it can be approved, and this will be done on the basis of first come, first served. A local printer can supply business forms and other helpful printed materials to event planners in communities like this.

Additional details about the approval process, as well as a link to the event application and details about deadlines and other helpful information has been made available on the Fort Lake website.