Be amazed at the Street Painting Festival

February 8, 2012 by  

The 18th annual Street Painting Festival will take place in Downtown Lake Worth from February 25-26, beginning at 10 am each day. It is a free event presented by the Greater Lake Worth Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Lake Worth.

Street painting is become a very popular art medium around the world. Many artists create amazing works of art using chalk and the pavement as their canvas. The Street Painting Festival draws over 100,000 people annually and this year will be presenting the works of 400 artists. Anyone can apply to take part in the festival. In addition to incredible art which will be on view, the Mainstage in Cultural Plaza will be presenting musical acts throughout the day

There are various levels of sponsorship available for the festival, each named after a famous artist. For example, the Cezanne level is $150 and the Michelangelo level is $20,000. Those who sponsor specific works will have their company name appear above the street painting. All money raised will go to support the Street Painting Festival Scholarships with are given out to Palm Beach County High School Students.

Sponsoring one of these artists is a great thing for any Lake Worth business to do. Not only do you help the scholarship students but you also show the community that you care. Why not draw further attention to it by arranging for a flyer printing which will let your customer base know about the festival and that you will be sponsoring an artist?