Lafayette becomes home to new representative artwork

May 27, 2017 by  

A new metal sculpture is to be installed at a new roundabout at the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Olympic Boulevard in Lafayette later this year.

David Mudgett, the artist who created the piece, says it will consist of a pentagonal concrete pedestal upon which eight dodecahedrons will be dynamically balanced. It will about 19 feet high. Natural daylight will come through the sculpture during the day and at night a more dramatic fell will be accomplished by means of lights placed strategically throughout the sculpture.

The artwork is titled ‘Resolve’, which the artist says reflects the city’s determination to solve problems with traffic. The geometric shapes are symbolic of the policy of Lafayette to place a high priority on education, particularly math, science, and nature.

The structure weighs about 3,000lb and Mudgett says that it will be protected by several boulders placed around it to prevent motorists from running into it, and anybody attempting to climb it.

The plan is to install the pedestal in August, the sculpture itself in November, and the lights by the end of the year.

The Lafayette City Council might benefit from the assistance of a local printing company to inform residents of this artistic addition that is coming to the city, and how this one was selected as meeting all the criteria for the artwork.