Airbnb to build apartment complex in Kissimmee

October 26, 2017 by  

An apartment complex bearing the Airbnb brand is slated to be built in Kissimmee. Airbnb is partnering with Newgard Development Group of Miami to construct a building with 324 units in a state where the supply of rooms is limited. This is the first time Airbnb is designing something from scratch that will continue its business model of home sharing, but in a different setting.

The brand name of the project is “Niido Powered by Airbnb,” and will have units featuring amenities such as keyless entries, which will make it simple for tenants of the project to check their short-term visitors in and out remotely.

According to a statement made jointly by Airbnb and Newgard, tenants will be asked to sign annual leases, which will allow them to rent either units or room for as many as 180 nights each year. Revenues will be shared with the unit’s owners.

Airbnb’s Jaja Jackson is heading up this project, and says that if it catches on, the company has plans to continue the concept all over the country, as well as internationally. Airbnb is helping with the design of the units and the services to be provided, while Newgard is doing the construction and will own the complex.

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