Indianapolis considers banning smoking in public parks

March 12, 2018 by  

Members of the Indianapolis City Council could soon find themselves considering a proposal that would ban smoking in parks leased, owned, or operated by the city. It is possible the proposed ban could be voted on by the entire council as soon as April.

According to a spokeswoman for Indy Parks, the city is responsible for 11,000 acres of green space over 211 parks. The idea of banning smoking there was first discussed last year.

One area where smoking would no longer be allowed is the Monon Trail. At the moment, signage on the trail prohibits speeding and allows pets off leash, but smoking is still permitted.

At least one person who uses the trail and spoke to, Sean Gussick, approves of the ban. He runs on the trail frequently, and would be happy if he did not have to breathe secondhand smoke.

Alexis Catt, who coaches soccer locally, agrees, saying smoking can have a negative impact on young people. Kevin Woldaho, a former smoker, is also pleased at the idea of the ban, saying he does not want his children or nephews to be around people who are smoking.

Despite these messages of support, there is no guarantee that the ban will pass. In California, a similar measure failed last year.

Measures like this have a significant impact, so officials might consider working with a flyer printing company to create an informative mailer for residents.