Indiana Rep presents a very funny farce

May 9, 2018 by  

The Indiana Repertory Theatre is ending its 2018 season with the popular farce about the theater, ‘Noises Off’. This is the first time the rep has tackled this play.

‘Noises Off’ shows audiences what happens when a hapless troupe of actors attempts to put on the British farce, ‘Nothing On’. The first act of the real show is also the first act of the show-within-a-show, and things start to go haywire immediately. The ingenue keeps losing her contact lens, the older actor cannot remember his lines, and one of the younger male leads is having an affair with the star of the show. What could possibly go wrong?

Audiences find out when the set is turned 180 degrees, showing the backstage. While the cast struggles through the first act again, this time in front of an audience, low-voiced whispering, hissing, and attempted murder take place backstage, in almost total silence.

Act three swings the set round again, and the real audience gets to see the first act for a third time, only by now the company is entirely unhinged, and the whole thing is a shambles.

The set calls for at least seven doors, which actors use constantly, with split-second timing. The close calls and ridiculous shenanigans leave audiences in stitches.

‘Noises Off’ is running now; the last performance is May 20. Events like this can be even more fun if managers work with an Indianapolis poster printing company to create advertisements for the show.