Fountain Square to see new eatery

April 11, 2018 by  

A new ramen shop will be opening soon in Fountain Square, Indianapolis.

Black Eye is run by the owners of General American Donut Company, and will take over space next to the Peppy Grill.

The shop’s owners, Kari Nickander and Adam Perry, were inspired by touring ramen shops in Washington, D.C. and Chicago, as well as Asian food trucks. Among their more unusual dishes are a meatball banh mi, “zoodles” vegan ramen, cheese ramen, and a ground pork sandwich that appears to be a sort of “Asian sloppy joe.”

The cheese ramen includes both Parmesan and cheddar cheese, and zucchini noodles are used as the base for the vegan ramen, which Nickander and Perry are referring to as “zamen.” After the noodles are placed in the bowl, hot vegan broth is poured over them, cooking them in a matter of minutes.

Both Nickander and Perry love Indian and Asian food, and enjoy putting their own spin on traditional dishes. In order to make their banh mi sandwich, they use a recipe for Swedish meatballs, while the ground pork is covered in soy sauce, fish sauce, lime, brown sugar and other spices, turning into a salty-sweet Asian version of a sloppy joe.

The shop is due to open this month, although no exact date has been announced. When such businesses open, owners could distribute promotional products to their first customers to help build name recognition, and to say thanks for stopping in.