Spring Break event with Birds of Prey

March 16, 2012 by  

From Saturday, March 23rd until Sunday, April 1st, 2012 the World Center for Birds of Prey will be hosting their “Spring Break with Birds of Prey” for children who are holidays from school. This event is being held at the World Center for Birds of Prey located at 5668 W. Flying Hawk Land, in Boise, Idaho. The event runs daily from 9am to 5pm.

This program is designed to provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about birds of prey and why it is important to treasure them. Special daily activities have been planned that include sketching lessons on how to draw and color birds of prey with prizes being offered for the best drawn bird.

There will also be scavenger hunts, educational videos, live demonstrations using the birds to demonstrate how they fly, hunt, and soar, as well as a tour of the facility to see roosting requirements. Participants will also be able to read books, study archives, and sculpt the birds. The interpretive center will feature condor displays, a photo exhibit called “Arctic Wings: Miracle of Migration”, as well as other interesting learning experiences.

Print companies appear to have been actively working away on this project, and registration forms for this event are now available. Admission to the World Center for Birds of Prey is discounted at $20.00 and allows for two parents and up to six children. For additional information about this event, please call the World Center for Birds of Prey at 208-326-8687 or visit their website.