IronMan 70.3 in Boise

June 9, 2012 by  

On Saturday, June 9th Boise will host its 5th Annual Boise IronMan 70.3 starting at the chilly swim in the Lucky Peak Reservoir located just 18 miles southeast of Boise at 74 Arrowrock Road in Boise, Idaho. This IronMan event will begin at 12:00 pm.

Participants in the 5th annual Boise IronMan 70.3 will start the event with 1.2 mile swim across and back the reservoir, which will require a wetsuit as the temperature of the reservoir usually runs around 62 degrees Fahrenheit. This event ends in downtown Boise and is amongst the favorite of many first time participants. After the swim there will be a bike to run transition. The bike and run will take place along the Boise River with some portions being a challenge for the novice participant. There is no qualifying needed to participate in the IronMan 70.3, but organizers do recommend that participants complete a shorter distance triathlon before entering this event on race day. All participants must provide status and race division they are entering. Professionals must have valid Professional/elite cards or a letter from their country’s federation. The participant must be in attendance to pick up race their race packet.

Throughout this event there will be nutritional products available for participating athletes including water, bananas, bonk breaker bars, ironman perform, GU Original energy gels, Roctain Ultra endurance gels, GU chomps, Pretzels, and a variety of fruits.

Flyer printing and poster printing to advertise this triathlon may have been prepared by local print companies. Fees for this event range between $250 and $375, depending on category, per person. For additional information about this event, please visit the Boise IronMan 70.3 website or call 208-334-2432.