New deputy appointed for Space and Missile Command

December 18, 2016 by  

James Johnson, who since September has served as acting deputy to the commander of the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command, will take over the position full-time.

Earlier Johnson served as the command’s Future Warfare Center’s leader, and before that he was the US Army Test, Measurement, Diagnostic Equipment Activity director. He also served for a while in Maryland at the Developmental Test Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground as director.

His new job will give Deputy Johnson the civilian rank equivalent to a three-star general, and reason to yet again order a new set of custom business cards that will include his new title.

Johnson has plenty of experience with the Huntsville area. In addition to the time he has spent at the nearby Redstone Space and Missile Defense Command, his prior assignments have included time spent at the US Army Redstone Technical Test Center, Developmental Test Command, and several assignments right here in Huntsville in the Missile Defense Agency, Ground-Based Midcourse Defense Joint Program Office.

In addition to receiving a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama, Huntsville in electrical engineering, Johnson also earned a Master’s in systems engineering from the same school. Moreover, has graduated from the Advanced Program Management Course and the Army Management Staff College, as well as receiving from the Army War College a Master of Strategic Studies.