Huntington tackles parking problems

March 12, 2017 by  

Difficulties finding a parking spot in downtown Huntington have left officials wondering contemplating building a parking garage. Despite adding valet parking and meters recently, problems persist, so the town has voted to study the feasibility of such a structure.

Huntington’s Economic Development corporation has retained Level G Associates, based in Old Bethpage, to review previous studies of the traffic and parking problems in the downtown area, and to update them. Level G has also been asked to complete a concept design of a garage, and to evaluate its economics, size, and potential.

The feasibility study will consider how to finance a garage, and where to locate it. Frank P. Petrone, the Huntington Town Supervisor, said the community needed to find a real solution to its parking problems rather than paper over the cracks, and he believes a garage is the answer. A 2012 study of the difficulties said a parking garage was a possibility, but only after different, less-expensive measures were used, which resulted in the implementation of valet parking and more parking meters. The Level G study will use the earlier work as a foundation for its assessment.

It is expected the study will cost as much as $10,000, and be finished in about three months. Efforts like this can benefit if officials work with a postcard printing company, which can create cards to mail to residents to gain additional feedback.