Huntington Beach to test organic pesticides

May 13, 2017 by  

Concerns about the adverse effects synthetic pesticides may have on health have prompted Billy O’Connell, a Huntington Beach councilman, to recommend the city begin a year-long study of organic, rather than man-made, pesticides.

The test would be conducted in part of Central Park West, according to an article in the Orange County Register.

O’Connell requested that the Public Works Department provide it findings about the pesticide after six months, and again in one year, and make recommendations with regard to whether or not to update the Integrated Pest Management Program.

In written comments, O’Connell noted agencies beginning to shun synthetic pesticides because they want to limit exposing the general public, including pets and children, to these substances.

The community supported O’Connell’s idea so strongly that the city council, and in particular Councilwoman Jill Hardy, suggested Public Works provide the first update in three months instead of waiting for six. She also wants to talk to Irvine, which has been using organic pesticides since last year. She would also like to hear from two UCI professors about the issue.

About a dozen residents attended the council meeting. Everyone supported the idea, and O’Connell hopes to implement the test program soon.

Efforts like this can benefit if officials work with a flyer printing company to create a mailer for residents, explaining the proposal and asking for input.