Huntington Beach hiring lifeguards

February 12, 2018 by  

Huntington Beach is looking for approximately 20 women and men to help make the city’s beaches safe, and will be testing applicants for the position of lifeguard soon.

All hopefuls will have to take a performance exam comprising three events, although this plan could change without notice. The first is a 1,000-yard swim, to take place in the ocean. The second is a 500-yard ‘surf sprint’, and the third is a grueling 1,500-yard run-swim-run test.

The tests will be conducted near the Huntington Beach Pier, in whatever conditions are prevailing on the test date. In order to be considered further, applicants have to pass all three physical tests. The top finishers will then be invited to an oral interview.

In order to be considered for the position, applicants must have turned 17 by June 1, 2018, and proof of age is required. Applications for the jobs and the performance tests are available now on the city’s website, and must be submitted by this Thursday, February 15, at noon. Pay starts at $18.65 per hour, with extra pay for bilingual language skills and/or EMT skills.

The lifeguard tryout performance tests are scheduled for Saturday, February 17, at 8:00 am at Lifeguard Headquarters, located at 103 Pacific Coast Highway. Oral interviews for the most promising candidates will take place the following day.

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