Hamblen Road scheme pulled off the agenda

December 21, 2017 by  

Dave Martin, a council member, has withdrawn the Hamblen Road initiative.

The Multi-phase Hamblen Road Improvements (MHRI), had it been approved, would likely have had significant implications for the residents of Humble and elsewhere. However, Council Member Martin has listened to the views of the public, and the project has not been taken forward.

The core idea of MHRI was that pedestrian safety, the natural environment, and local drainage could be enhanced in stages. In the process, Woodland Hills would have been linked to Hamblen Road. The highway itself would have been widened by another lane.

Council Member Martin has worked hard on the project. He has cooperated with Jack Cagle, Harris County Precinct 4. In addition, he has met up with the Forest Cove Property Owners Association on two occasions.

Residents were given the chance to provide feedback on the plans to Council Member Martin, and were allowed roughly a month in which to do this. On the receipt of their views, the decision was taken to allocate the resources to other locations.

Council Member Martin took the issue of flooding into account when making up his mind. As a result of his deliberations, spending will go to the mitigation schemes at Lake Houston and by the San Jacinto River.

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