Hartford students commemorate their heritages

May 13, 2017 by  

Aiken Elementary School students recently celebrated their diversity at International Night, an annual event at the Hartford school.

On May 8, they used ‘passports’ to travel from table to table in the school gym, where their peers had created exhibits that represented their various heritages. In total, 20 countries were represented.

Nine-year-old Eric Bloomquist-Jordan is of Swedish extraction, and showed off clothing that might typically be worn on a chilly day, or for a dressy event. His blue vest had flowers on it, which referred back to the ‘bloom’ in his name. He also created a poster listing information about Sweden. Students who stopped to look at his table were able to pose for photos wearing a Viking vest and hat.

For her display, seven-year-old Melany Serna modeled a campesina dress. This type of dress is usually worn for dancing or parades in Colombia. She handed out coffee-flavored candy, and discussed coffee, which is Colombia’s main export. She also described the various flowers to be found there.

During the event, students were able to taste different cuisines, collect stamps to put in their passports, and enjoy entertainment of various types, including a traditional Irish step dance by Nora Kerr. The event was organized by teachers Loretta Whiting and Linda Powers to help bring members of the community together.

Events like this often involve work with a flyer printing company to create handouts briefly describing the displays.