Hanover residents about to enjoy a blast from the past

January 11, 2018 by  

Slots of Fun Speedway is set to open its doors sometime this month, bringing with it slot car racing – a pastime that was popular in the 1970s and 1980s but has since fallen off of many people’s radars.

Speaking of falling off, the advice Colton Harmon, the speedway’s owner, has to offer people who might be new to slot car racing is to try their utmost to stay on the track.

Harmon argues that going at a slower pace, but remaining on the track can often be more beneficial than trying to speed through a race and having the car derail.

When Slots of Fun Speedway opens, it will have two tracks available for racing. One is digital and will be able to fit six cars at once. The other dates from the 1980s and has not been updated for modern times.

Harmon has plans to host a variety of competitions at Slots of Fun, as well as several classes. The speedway will also sell racing kits and will let people rent cars and track time.

For Harmon, slot car racing is a family business, as his parents owned a slot car racing shop in Kansas during his childhood. The goal is to open Slots of Fun by the middle of January at 130 Eisenhower Drive.

Owners of hobby shops often use flyers to spread the word about their existence and the programs they offer.