Greenwich becomes home to new shopping experience

February 24, 2017 by  

Saks Fifth Avenue recently opened a new store on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich.

Called ‘The Collective’, the store will deliver a unique shopping experience, says Marc Metrick, the president of the company, who believes it will make people want to come to the store rather than stay at home and shop online.

Metrick added that the strategy of Saks is to focus on the metropolitan area of New York City and the tristate area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The new store is located within a group of individual but connected shops so that people can not only shop, but browse, meet with friends, and perhaps lounge in one of the restaurants. As such, there are comfortable seating areas in the stores, consultation on fashion and style, and opportunities for parties.

The Collective carries contemporary fashions and makeup and accessories. Saks also has a main store in downtown Greenwich, as well as a store that sell only shoes on East Elm Street. Furthermore, he is planning to open a jewelry store, The Vault, in May.

The general manager of The Saks Shops at Greenwich, Joe Gambino, said the store is looking to provide a brand for the complete lifestyle, which might serve as a theme for flyers that can be distributed throughout the community announcing the opening of the new store.