Nature and activity park plans unveiled for Reedy River site

October 12, 2016 by  

Plans for a 22-acre park in Greenville have now been revealed. The Reedy River park is expected to be built on land that is currently the site of the city’s public works facility.

Restoration of the Reedy River will be essential as the proposed site is a natural flood plain. Developers plan to extend the riverbank, utilising existing bedrock and vegetation in order to reduce erosion and increase the stability of the banks. The use of permeable paving will assist in drainage and run-off problems.

The park itself is expected to include a host of amenities and facilities for the public to enjoy. There will be an extensive lawn area with a stage for open-air shows and concerts. A baseball park and children’s playground are included. A climbing wall and fitness area will be available for the more energetic visitors.

With paths winding through community gardens and along pedestrian walkways, and a new footbridge over the Reedy River, citizens will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The preservation of as many existing trees and vegetation as possible should reduce the need for pesticides, as a more natural solution is hopefully encouraged.

While plans are being finalized, the developers may benefit from brochure printing as a way of informing the public of the proposed park.