Focus on photography for local town

January 9, 2017 by  

The Southeast Center for Photography in West Greenville is planning a series of exhibits from the world of fine-art photography.

Starting this month with work from photographer and gallery owner Michael Pannier, the series begins with ‘Another Time’.

Pannier’s love of photography began in the ninth grade, and has since seen him pursuing classical themes such as landscape, portrait, and nude. With a history of operating art galleries that were mainly concerned with paintings and sculpture, Pannier was able to add photography in the 1990s as the media became more popular in the art-collecting world.

Pannier also describes how a series of workshops are in the pipeline for the center, explaining:

“The idea is for the workshops to expose Greenville to national photographers in art photography without duplicating efforts in art education presented by other organisations. These are world-class photographers teaching here in 2017.”

Leading photographers such as Joyce Tenneson, Susan Burnstine, Doug Beasley, Keith Carter, and Aline Smithson are expected to give workshops on such subjects as Zen and the Art of Photography, The Intimate Portrait and Defining the Personal Narrative.

The Southeast Center for Photography will also be hosting solo exhibitions featuring artists such as Andrew Feiler and Emma Powell, and may benefit from using the services of a print company to keep local enthusiasts informed of future exhibitions and workshops.