First openly gay lawmaker elected in South Carolina

February 28, 2017 by  

South Carolina recently elected Jason Elliot, who previously worked as a divorce attorney and becomes the state’s first ever openly gay legislator.

Elliot says that his sexual orientation never posed a problem for his campaign and will have no correlation to his job as a legislator, as he only seeks to repair South Carolina’s roads, improve education, and increase the amount of employment available.

Elliot said:

“There are people who have a 100% opposite viewpoint from me on the orientation issue, and I respect that, and I understand that, and I’m not threatened by that. I think what it says, though, is that we are accepting the fact that people are different from us and that we are a state that is moving toward being open to folks who aren’t exactly like us.”

Jeffrey Croucher, a 59-year-old who has lived in Greenville for the last 16 years, says that he has noticed attitudes towards homosexuality in the area change considerably in that time. Speaking to Business Insider UK, he noted that rainbow signs and banners hang in people’s yards and that the community has become more accepting, especially over the past five years.

Elliot won the election with 58% of the vote, and this means South Carolina has become the 43rd state to have elected a gay legislator. The states that have yet to elect one are Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, and Alaska.