Recycling lessons applied to school

June 19, 2013 by  

In the spirit of waste not want not, concerned citizens of Plymouth are working to find a use for the Central Middle School here in Plymouth.

A new school in Canton Township will replace the present school in about two years. Ideally, once the present school is decommissioned, a plan will be in place to purchase the property. To this end, Plymouth Township Board of Trustees member Bob Doroshewitz organized a meeting last Tuesday, June 11.

While it was agreed that the school, located near downtown Plymouth, could serve the town and surrounding area well as a community center, the matter of funding remained unresolved. The first order of business will be to meet with the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools Board of Education about their plans for selling the property.

In addition to the monies needed to buy the property, there is also the money it will take to either renovate the building or raze the structure and construct a new building. According Doroshewitz, start-up funding options discussed included applying for grants, seeking a voter-approved taxing authority, and developing public-private partnerships. A Facebook page for the project was set up to measure the level of interest in the community.

Doroshewitz said:

“This is a grass-roots effort. That means that were trying to reach out to the community, get as many people excited and involved as possible.”

With enough interest, local printing services may be engaged for flyer printing regarding fundraising events. In many instances, raising money for local project such as this one brings a town together and promotes business for local merchants in addition to funding the project.