Plaques bring recognition to historic Plymouth buildings

September 19, 2013 by  

Plymouth residents may notice something different about their downtown area. Earlier this month, the Plymouth Preservation Network (PPN) placed markers on four of our town’s historically significant buildings.

The intent is to raise awareness of the Plymouth’s historic downtown district and bolster efforts to preserve structures closely tied to the city’s past. The buildings in question were the Conner Building, 336 Main, and the Plymouth United Savings Bank, all on main street, as well as the Michigan Bell building on Ann Arbor Trail.

Plaque designer Sue Dillion, from Graphic Visions of Northville Township, will undoubtedly wish to include her part in the project on her next stationery printing order. The Plymouth Preservation Network’s actions may well promote other nearby cities to follow Plymouth’s lead.
For those wishing to check out the plaques, here is a pairing of the historic names with their present identifiers: the building former known as the Conner Building is now called Kilwin’s, 336 Main, and the former United Savings Bank is where Greek Islands Coney Restaurant is now located. As for the Michigan Bell Building, it sits next door to the Box Bar.

The historic marker project was spearheaded by PPN secretary, Patty Malcolm. She said she always searches out historical markers when she travels and realized that markers in Plymouth would inform and enthrall both visitors and residents. Additionally, it is hoped that the plaques will preserve as well as educate. Malcolm pointed to historic sites the city has already lost, such as the former Daisy Air Rifle factory that figured largely in the city’s past.