New business aims to put home in hometown pharmacy

March 17, 2013 by  

Plymouth residents working in Northville or driving through the town on a regular basis may find themselves at the new Northville Pharmacy. Owners Jeffery and Lina Mallad, both of whom have experience in pharmacy management, opened the pharmacy just last month and say their independent pharmacy will emphasis “patient care and service”.

By buying outside their town, residents in smaller communities often find themselves forced to drive for items no longer available locally. Northville Pharmacy is an example of how local businesses often go the extra mile, as it offer free prescription delivery. Customers can also count on patient counseling conducted, say the owners, in a “professional and courteous” manner. The new pharmacy will carry both brand and prescription drugs, together with a wide selection of over-the-counter medications.

Since one of the reasons many people choose to live in a small community is to enjoy the atmosphere, those who feel this way will no doubt understand the need to patronize the local businesses, regardless of whether they are independent or chain stores, and the value of keeping more than one of each retail business open to spur competition. The owners of the Northville Pharmacy have acknowledged that they will experience competition from the local CVS. With two fine pharmacies, there is no reason why Northville residents and those passing through town cannot reap the benefits of both these establishments to the benefit of their community.

Lina Mallard says her pharmacy will deliver service with a smile and a caring hand, which sounds like something local stationery printers might suggest using as a slogan.