Local children give area something to brag about, again

February 28, 2013 by  

The recently released Michigan Department of Education’s 2012 MEAP scores show that PlymouthCanton students are above average for the state. Testing in all seven grades showed our students scored not only above average but also well above the average in some tests.

The test, administered last fall, showed our students did particularly well in math, with scores ranging between 19 and 30 points over the averages for the state. Reading scores were impressive as well, although not as high as the math scores. Plymouth-Canton students have a history of doing well on this yearly test in every grade and on every one of the 18 components.

While overall the test results were good, in some areas scores were lower than last year’s. Fourth-grade reading, fifth-grade science, and sixth-grade social studies, while still above the state average, were lower than scores from 2011. According to our local assistant superintendent of instructional services, Jeanne Farina:

“It’s not something we’re alarmed with unless we start seeing a downward trend in future years. For now, we maintain the course we’ve been setting in our classrooms and keep doing what we’ve been doing.”

The MEAP results, which were made public this month, provide one of the best incentives for families with children to choose Plymouth when looking to relocate. This is the sort of information that, if proclaimed on a banner across Main Street or included by stationery printers in the city’s letterhead, could boost property values in the area. Schools are a very important concern when young families are looking for a new place to live.