Local architect’s home placed on List of National Historic Places

January 20, 2014 by  

The former home of Tivadar and Dorothy Balogh has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places per the United States Department of Interior. The Plymouth Township house was designed and built by Balogh, a local architect, in 1959.

Tivadar Balogh designed homes, as well as commercial and institutional buildings, in Arizona, Illinois, and Michigan. The Michigan State Historic Preservation Office put together the Michigan Modern Project as a way to promote the role the state played in the Modernism school of modern architecture. The Trivadar and Dorothy Balogh house was part of that project.

Balogh, who died in 2006, he was purported to have designed around 150 structures. Many homes designed by popular architects became the subject of postcard printing just like natural wonders and famous commercial buildings.

The architect originally wanted to build the modernistic Tivadar family home on a parcel of land in Farmington; however, the Neighborhood Association there was in opposition. The ultra modern design of the home would have stood out rather than blend into neighboring houses. While taking a short cut, Balogh happened upon an alternate site on Joy Road and built his family’s home there instead.

According to Michigan Modern magazine, the two-bedroom house featured a home office and cost $32,000 to build. The house was a study in simplicity using geometric forms, an absence of flourishes or other decorative features, and a free-flowing floor plan. Embracing nature,the house used glass extensively, giving an outdoor feel to those who were inside.