Lansing residents join in fun color run

July 18, 2013 by  

Lansing, Michigan residents had a chance to take part in a very colorful run last Saturday, July 13.

The Color Run is part of the city’s Common Ground Festival, and also raises funds for Kelleigh’s Cause and the Sparrow Children’s Center. There are many similar events, so it is not only running for charity and tolerance that makes this one so special—it is the colors that others throw at the runners that makes it such fun.

The rules are simple: show up in a clean shirt (some men run without shirts at all), then start running (or walking) and be prepared to be doused in color.

The race is a five-kilometer event, and at each kilometer, runners are sprayed with colored cornstarch. Those who run down the middle of the course are less colorful than those who stay near the sides (and the sprayers). At the end of the race everyone gets together to throw more colored starch, creating a ‘rainbow cloud’.

Thousands of runners turned out for the event, which began at 8:30 am They started from Michigan Avenue, wound through downtown Lansing, and ended up at Adado Riverfront Park, covered in splotches of orange, pink, purple, and blue. Some runners took the craziness even further: Daniel Vermeersch, a Lansing resident, ran shirtless, wearing a pink tutu over his shorts. He and Jessica Nevins, his fiancée, were enthusiastic about the turnout and the fun everyone had celebrating diversity.

Next year, Lansing officials could work with banner printers to create colorful banners to hang above the start and finish lines – perhaps even more colorful than the runners!