Shyer Farmington Hills cats need good homes

July 22, 2013 by  

Workers at Backdoor Friends Purebred Cat Rescue, located in Farmington Hills, have announced this month that they have several cats available for adoption, but fear they may be overlooked because they are shy.

These timid felines were once feral. They are currently being fostered by responsible volunteers, but they need permanent homes. Since they were living on the streets at one time, they now tend to be less outgoing than cats that have not had to face this kind of hardship.

Anne Klein, who is on the board of Backdoor Friends, says prospective “pet parents” need to be patient with these animals, and give them a great deal of love and care so they will learn to trust people once more. If people are willing to work with the animals, Klein says, they will become loving pets.

Klein also points out that it’s difficult to judge a cat’s personality accurately when it’s in a cage, or by looking at a photo or reading a brief statement about the animal. This is where livelier cats push the shy ones to the background. Klein invites residents to come to Backdoor to get to know some of the more timid cats.

Backdoor Friends makes sure that the cats taken in are regularly inoculated against viruses, and could work with brochure printers to create a piece, perhaps for distribution through veterinarians, listing the current adoptable cats and encouraging people to embrace the broad range of behavioral traits displayed by cats.