Seminar teaches ‘Prepare your Pets for Emergencies’

April 7, 2012 by  

On Thursday, April 12th, the Farmington Hills Emergency Preparedness Commission will be hosting a seminar called “Preparing your Pets for Emergencies”. This event will be held at the Costick Center, 28600 Eleven Mile Road in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This event begins at 6:30pm.

Like millions of pet owners, knowing what to do if an emergency arises is not always easy. Pets today are an important part of every household. They are there when you need a friend and there to protect you when you need help. Animals play an important part in all humans’ lives so ensuring a pet will come out of an emergency or disaster situation is crucial to keeping him or her safe and free of harm. Pets are often involved in house fires, floods, tornados, and other unexpected traumatic events that could harm them or prove fatal; knowing what to do doing these situations could not only save the life of a human, but also of a loving pet.

Christian Ast, a local vet, will talk about how pets have been affected during recent disasters, as well as provide important information to increase the chances that your pet will be safe in any future disaster. This event will focus on what measures should be taken in advance of a crisis situation, when the pet’s owner may not be able to help, as well as what should be done when an emergency situation arises again. There will be handouts to remind people about what they should do when they return home, which local printing companies may have prepared.

There is no cost to attend this event, but those interested are asked to register in advance, as space is limited. For additional information, please call Tim Tutak at 248-417-0930.