Farmington Hills special needs students have help available

January 15, 2014 by  

Special needs students who attend Oakland Community College’s (OCC) Farmington Hills campus now have additional financial help available, thanks to the Farmington Rotary Club. Its foundation has set up an endowment for students at the school’s Orchard Ridge campus.

The scholarship is known as the Farmington Rotary/Lydia Silvani-Foley Endowed Memorial Scholarship, and is given to OCC students at this particular location. The endowment stipulates that funds are to be used for books and tuition fees, and are to be given to students of Project Bold and/or ACCESS. The OCC’s Office of Financial Assistance and its Selection Committee will be responsible for administering the scholarships.

The Farmington Rotary club has been a long-time supporter of special needs students who are enrolled in Farmington and Farmington Hills public schools, and the current endowment continues this tradition. Funds for the endowment came from the family of Lydia Silvani-Foli, which has continued its support of these young people.

Oakland Community College and the Farmington Rotary Club might consider working with brochure printers to create a mailer for area residents, telling them about the endowment. Many people who qualify for such measures are unaware of them and, in this case, qualified students might miss out on assistance that could help them succeed. A brochure targeted to the local area would make residents aware of the monies available, and perhaps even assist them in determining if their children meet the criteria necessary to obtain this type of assistance.