Farmington Hills restaurant offers unusual fare

August 15, 2013 by  

Farmington Hills diners who are looking for something different can visit a new eatery in the area called Souptastik Crepes.

The restaurant, which is in Farmington Hills itself, is owned by Mikhail and Vanda Rybak. Although both are from Russia, they did not meet until they came to the United States, where they married. They have both worked in the food industry for years, always in other people’s restaurants. They finally achieved their dream of opening their own place last month, when Souptastik welcomed its first customers.

Although crepes are French in origin, the Rybaks serve their crepes and other courses with a Russian twist. They make their own soups using family recipes, and serve nine or ten each day. The choices include borscht and solyanka; a soup very much like jambalaya. The menu also lists blinchiki, which are Russian crepes, as well as French equivalents. The Russian crepes differ from the more familiar French-style treats because their fillings are far less complex. One crepe is filled only with powdered sugar and melted butter, while another has just one ingredient in the filling – honey. While sweet crepes are very popular, those with savory fillings are also available.

Since the restaurant is new, the Rybaks are building a clientele, and might consider working with banner printing experts to create colorful banners to hang above the door, welcoming new customers. They could also consider having flyer printing done to create a mailer for local residents.