Farmington Hills residents need to watch out for the Big Bad Wolf

February 6, 2013 by  

Farmington Hills, Michigan families are in for a treat this winter as the Big Bad Wolf blows into town, courtesy of the Two Muses Theatre.

The theater will present ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?’ – a combination of two classic fairy tales, The Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood. The Big Bad Wolf of the title is somehow caught between the two stories. The show, which was written by Tom McCabe, opens in West Bloomfield this weekend. West Bloomfield is approximately 12 miles from Farmington Hills, so flyer printing could be used to spread news of the performance throughout the area.

In addition to the performance itself, families will be able to enjoy other activities suitable for children, including a raffle. They will also have the opportunity to have photos taken with the characters, as well as getting the actors’ autographs. It’s probably a safe bet to assume the kids will want the Big Bad Wolf’s (Benjamin Deman) autograph most of all.

The play’s director, Nancy Cooper, says she loves to direct children’s theater. The younger audiences are responsive, they pay attention to what’s happening on stage, and get completely involved in the performance. She has enjoyed Big Bad Wolf in particular because it blends two stories everyone knows to make something entirely new.

The Big Bad Wolf runs Saturdays and Sundays through February 24 at Two Muses Theatre. The 160-seat house is located inside the Barnes & Noble store in West Bloomfield. Tickets are $10 and $8 for children. The first showing is this Saturday, February 9.