Farmington Hills-based firm raises money to help children

January 21, 2013 by  

October is National Fire Prevention Month, and a Farmington Hills company used that as an inspiration to help children, having this month donated the $5,000 dollars they generated.

Dryer Vent Wizard (DVW) decided to raise money for the non-profit Children’s Burn Foundation, which provides psychological as well as physical care for children who have suffered burns. The Foundation also runs programs that educate people about fires and burns, and how to prevent them.

DVW sold wristbands that read “Prevent a fire, clean your dryer” for $5 each, helping them raise over $5,000 in the effort. They delivered the money to Carol Horvitz, the Foundation’s Executive Director, and Doug Mancino, the Board Chairman, in Los Angeles. Also attending the ceremony was Adolf Baguma, 11, who suffered severe burns to his legs and is in the United States to have reconstructive surgery. At the time he was burned, there was no medical help available, and as a result he could not stand and was only able to crawl on all fours.

Laine Wagonseller, a Los Angeles attorney, met Adolf on a trip to Uganda, and contacted the Foundation for assistance. Adolf arrived in the U.S. around Thanksgiving and the surgeries, paid for by donations like those collected by DVW, will enable him to walk again. Children like Adolf are the reason people at Dryer Vent made the effort to raise money.

DVW obviously cares about this Foundation, so they may consider working with a shop that does flyer printing to explain their success in this drive, and make people aware of the effort should they decide to repeat it this year.