Pink Martini coming to Glenside

May 12, 2018 by  

The popular band Pink Martini will be appearing at Glenside’s Keswick Theatre soon.

The group is on its “Sympathique” Tour to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the release of their first album, which carried that title. The album was a huge success and launched the group’s career, which was now lasted for 23 years.

The members of the group often refer to themselves as a “little orchestra” and at any given time, there may be 10 or 12 musicians playing. Thomas Lauderdale, a pianist, formed the group in Portland, Oregon, in 1994 as an antidote to the louder music played at political fundraisers. The group features works from the classical repertoire, as well as pop and jazz, to give the group a wide appeal.

The duties of lead singer are shared between China Forbes and Storm Large. Forbes joined the band at Lauderdale’s invitation, and will be singing at the upcoming Glenside appearance. Although Forbes speaks only one language, she can sing in 15 different ones. Lauderdale notes that all the members of the band have studied various languages, along with different types of music from all over the world, allowing them to create a wide-ranging repertoire.

Pink Martini appears at the Keswick Theatre next Saturday, May 19 at 8:00 pm. Singer and NPR host Ari Shapiro is the band’s special guest.

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