Fuquay Varina gamers invent their own games

January 11, 2018 by  

Fuquay Varina folks who like a challenge will want to participate in the upcoming Global Game Jam 2018. Guests will be creating games during a 48-hour period.

Gaming enthusiasts will be mingling with other locals who have a desire to develop their own games. Experienced professionals in gaming development and related fields will be giving a video lecture.

Various sites around the world will be gathering at the same time on the first afternoon. First, everyone will see a keynote video and a secret theme will be announced. Guests will be challenged to create games with that theme. Games must be submitted by the Sunday afternoon, which gives participants 48 hours to try new development roles, explore technology tools, and test their skills in designing, developing, and testing their new creations.

The event will start with a sign-period in which guests will be invited to join in networking games and form teams. Announcements, keynote presentation, and gaming themes will be presented next. The rest of the evening will be a finalization of teams and strategizing.

Gamers will want to remember to bring their digital business cards for the networking session following breakfast on Saturday morning. The rest of the day, and Sunday, will be devoted to creating games and uploading them to the Global Game Jam site.

The event is scheduled for January 26 starting at 2:00 pm, through January 28, at Fuquay Coworking, 1000 North Main Street #102.