Trio of new developments planned in Ft. Lauderdale

October 3, 2017 by  

The Florida city of Ft. Lauderdale continues its building boom with three new major developments approved at the end of September. One of the projects will include a high rise building dedicated to homes for seniors.

All told, the developments are anticipated to add just over 5,000 cars to the roads, as well as thousands of residents. The buildings should hold more than 1,200 condos, apartments, or rooms for senior care.

This project is the first to be approved in downtown that focuses on the growing population of seniors in the Ft. Lauderdale community. Locals spoke passionately to commissioners to help make the project a reality. Meanwhile, other builders cautioned that the highest floors could leave seniors vulnerable to extreme weather, and suggested that the building would be positioned too close to WaterGarden condos next door.

During construction, many companies use banner printing to advertise both the construction and development companies, as well as the upcoming property. This helps to drive community interest and directs people as to where they can find more information.

The tower is planned for 43-floors, and will be built by Jean Francois Roy, a Canadian developer. Another residential complex is planned near to Los Olas Boulevard, with a third on the south side of the river. For more information about these buildings, contact the commissioners.