Ft. Lauderdale company plans yacht club redevelopment

August 2, 2017 by  

Terry Paterson, a Ft. Lauderdale based builder, has announced his plans to redevelop the Lighthouse Point Yacht Club.

The property was purchased by an entity Paterson controls in July for $15.9m, and will be owned in a partnership with Angel Doraliev. Paterson told the Sun Sentinel that over $65m in development was planned.

Assuming that the partnership can get approval from city officials in Lighthouse Point, redevelopment plans include building 20 residences on the site. A proposed new clubhouse would be designed like a resort, with private cabanas and an upgraded fitness center, as well as new restaurants and a banquet facility. Due to the residences Paterson would like to build, the area will need to be rezoned for residential properties.

While they wait for approvals on more significant renovations, some light changes will begin in August. In time, the yacht club might redo the marina, and would like to grow to 1,000 members. Paterson, an avid yachter and South African businessman, says that while he does want to see the club grow its membership among younger enthusiasts, he intends to focus on the needs of older members.

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