Olde English comes to Maryland

June 12, 2017 by  

Almost everyone has read part of Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” at some point, and now several of these stories will soon be on stage at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre.

Actor/writer Reiner Prochaska has taken the tales dealing with marriage and adapted them for live performance, and now that adaptation, which was a hit here in 2010, is returning to Frederick.

Prochaska focuses on “The Wife of Bath’s Prologue,” “The Merchant’s Tale,” “The Franklin’s Tale,” and “The Miller’s Tale,” adding even more comedy to these classics while still remaining true to the original. The play makes Chaucer’s work accessible to a contemporary audience who may not know much about the rowdy adventures of Chaucer’s travelers.

The show is the first for the new Frederick Classical Ensemble, which is associated with the MET, of which Prochaska is a member. He formed the Ensemble to bring historical, Renaissance, and Medieval dramas to Frederick theatergoers.

“The Canterbury Tales: Love and Marriage” opens June 22, 2017, a Thursday, at 8 pm. The other performances in the run are June 23, Friday, at 8 pm; June 24, Saturday, at 3 pm and again at 8 pm; and a Sunday matinee on June 25 at 3 pm. The show is for mature audiences only.

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