Frederick site of old-fashioned jump school

November 13, 2016 by  

On October 21, 16 people from all over the nation got together and jumped from a World War II aircraft over Frederick Army Airfield, according to an article on the KSWO website.

The 16were participating in the World War Two Airborne Demonstration Winter Jump School, which put them through the same exercises that would have been familiar to any World War II veteran. The attendees spent a day living the same life as a solider in the 1940s, and capped it off by jumping from a C-47.

John Wagner, who has served in both the Army and the Marine Corps, said his father served during the Second World War, and teased Wagner about how easy modern technology made the service. The jump school, which recreates the atmosphere and equipment of an earlier time, made him realize just how much his father went through.

Askin is also a former Army member who had never had the chance to jump, so when he heard about the school, he grabbed the opportunity. Although he had never jumped before, he completed the five jumps necessary to earn his wings.

Jump school finished with Open Hangar Day, which opened Frederick Army Airfield to the public, at which time the jumpers earned their wings. Events like these can be enhanced if organizers work with poster printing companies, who can create placards to help visitors find their way around an unfamiliar venue.