Frederick attempting to improve conditions in Rock Creek

October 13, 2016 by  

Frederick officials are considering entering into an agreement with Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani, a Baltimore engineering firm, for their services in working to reduce the sediment and erosion entering Rock Creek, according to an article in the Frederick News Post.

The agreement could cost as much as $76,780, with an additional 10% ($7,678) included to pay for any contingencies arising from “unforeseen adjustments” that may occur during the project.

The design could be finished by the spring, according to Jenny Willoughby, who is a sustainability manager for Frederick, after which the city can find a contractor to undertake the work. The project involves a 1,500-foot section of the creek from close to Rock Creek Park to where it enters Carroll Creek.

A city document reveals that although there are forests along much of the length of Rock Creek, it still receives a great deal of stormwater, which then flows from the creek into the watershed of the Monocacy River. Rock Creek also flows behind a large portion of the Golden Mile, an area which is being revitalized.

There are a number of other stream restoration projects that are important to Frederick, but the Rock Creek work got the go ahead because the erosion is taking place very quickly and needs to be corrected.

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