Frederick agencies to request federal funds

February 5, 2017 by  

A number of social service agencies in Frederick recently presented their projects to the city, hoping to receive federal funds to carry them out.

The money comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, in the form of a Community Development Block Grant for 2017, for $370,000. Frederick began taking applications for the funds in December.

Projects have to meet one of three national objects. Either they must be of benefit to low- and moderate-income residents, or they must eliminate slums or blight, or they have to meet urgent needs of the community.

The eight projects submitted for review came from Frederick’s Housing Authority (which requested $58,350 to rehabilitate sinks), the Interfaith Housing Alliance (which needs $25,000 to re-roof the Weinberg House), and Community Living, Inc. (which asked for $24,982 to improve driveway accessibility).

In addition, the Frederick Community Action Agency wants $12,285 for a pantry conversation and rehab, $13,755 to replace bulbs with energy-efficient LED lights, and $38,207 for permanent and transitional housing and support. The Asian American Center of Frederick needs $25,000 for translation services, and the last item on the list is a request from the Alan P. Linton Jr. Emergency Shelter, which is asking for $45,000 for supportive services.

Efforts like these can benefit if organizers use presentation folders to make their requests, as such folders keep information neat and well-organized.