Frankfort area center houses children in need

January 28, 2018 by  

The Night’s Crisis Center has recently been set up in West Frankfort so that children in nearby Frankfort and Southern Illinois have a place to go during times of family emergencies, such as extreme weather, medical and legal issues, and other family issues.

The shelter serves children from birth to their 18th birthday and is for short-term care. Lindsey Bullman, Executive Director, said that this experiment was started so that families will have an additional support system in times of crisis. She added that there was a need for such a facility in Southern Illinois. It has eight bedrooms, a kitchen and dining room, a safe play area, and a small playground outside.

Organizers of the shelter say that it is more than providing a roof over children’s heads in times of emergencies. It was created to support families and help to reduce stress in their lives, serving as a preventative measure. Children can stay in the shelter for as little as a few hours, to as long as several days.

There is a six-month pilot program for the Night’s Crisis Center, which is the first of its kind to be established in Southern Illinois.

Flyers are often used to promote such programs, and to encourage people to support educational programs, childcare, special occasions, and other community activities.