Needlepoint artists celebrated in Fort Worth

February 15, 2018 by  

Historic Fort Worth, Inc. is to open the city’s first historic landmark, Thistle Hill, for a unique event.

The fifth annual needlepoint event, A Needlepoint Love Story, Chapter V, takes place this February. On display will be a variety of needlepoint creations by a diverse group of stitchers. The organization has shown over 2,800 different works over the previous four years. This year, there will be more than 700 pieces on display to enjoy.

The event draws in artists from many states that excel in elaborate works of art. The exhibit is for needlework artists or aspiring artists and anyone that appreciates this medium. It is even for those seeking a unique source inspiration for their logo design or other creative endeavors.

In addition to the show, there will also be a Champagne reception honoring the nationally known artist Sheilah Oscher. A silent auction will also be held during this event.

The exhibit is open on February 22 and 23 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, and on February 25 from noon until 4:00 pm. The champagne reception is on Wednesday, February 21 from 5:00 pm -7:00 pm.

Tickets are $75 each for the reception and $20 for the exhibit. Advance tickets for the exhibit are available for $15 each. The exhibit and reception will take place at Thistle Hill at 1509 Pennsylvania Ave in Fort Worth.

Visit the Historic Fort Worth website to purchase tickets, or find the locations selling the tickets in the area.