Laid off Fort Worth workers may be recalled by GE

July 31, 2017 by  

General Electric (GE) recently announced plans to move its locomotive production from Erie, Pennsylvania to north Fort Worth, which would offer a recall option to up to 225 of the company’s laid off workers.

Due to reduced demand for new locomotives, 250 positions were cut at GE’s Fort Worth plant earlier in the year. Currently, the facility here is running at half capacity. Moving locomotive production for international customers from Pennsylvania to Fort Worth will allow those positions to be reclaimed and it will mean an address change for contracts and other business forms.

Over 1,400 locomotives have been built at the Fort Worth GE plant, which presently employs 600 workers. The work shifted here from Erie could restore the plant’s full production level. For Bill Thornton, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce president, the move by GE is a clear example of the area’s economic potential. Expressing his sentiment on the subject, he said:

“GE’s proposed locomotive manufacturing relocation is another testament to the Texas business climate of low taxes and reasonable regulations, and a youthful and skilled workforce.”

Finalization of GE’s plan rests on a 60-day period of bargaining with the union. As soon as the second quarter of 2018, if all goes according to plan, GE will start recalling laid off Fort Worth employees.