Fort Worth goes wild for horse show

March 8, 2016 by  

The Fort Worth region has long been famous for its love of everything to do with horses, and this is front and center at the annual Horse-O-Rama

The educational event brings together equine enthusiasts from across the state. The event began in 1974 as a way of raising funds to improve the county expo grounds. Since then, the Horse-O-Rama has expanded its facilities to add more buildings, grooming stations, and even a racetrack. Current proceeds are going towards building an indoor riding arena.

The festivities themselves, which include riding, competitions, entertainment events, and educational opportunities, take place over three days. Horse enthusiasts of all levels are encouraged to attend, with opportunities for everyone to interact with and observe their equestrian friends.

The goal of the Horse-O-Rama is to enhance the quality of life of local horses by educating people about the different breeds and their skills, and by helping to network different organizations, interest groups, and associations. All work done by Horse-O-Rama Inc. is not for profit and is entirely devoted to improving equestrian conditions in the region.

The Horse-O-Rama will be held this weekend, from March 11 to 13, at the Will Rogers Memorial Center located at 3401 West Lancaster Ave. in Fort Worth. Anyone interested in attending the event can find informational brochures at the center, or look to the website for more details.