Hospitality organization honors its own

January 30, 2017 by  

The Academic, Arts and Community Gala of the Pan Gregorian Fund of Metro New York and Long Island Inc. is taking place next month. Proceeds will be donated to the educational system.

The aim of the evening is to honor those who have contributed to the hospitality industry, educational institutions, and those individuals dedicated to the betterment of their community. This year’s honorees are the Food and Finance High School, St. Basil’s Academy, PS 85 Queens, St. Joseph’s Church, and the Hellenic American Film Festival.

In addition, the winner of the essay contest will be announced. The theme of the essay was ‘Hospitality, the Industry without Borders’. Finally, an award will also be given to Dimitrios Kaloidis and his wife for their philanthropy and achievement in the hospitality and food industry.

Guests will likely enjoy a dinner and drinks leading up to the awards presentations.

This event will no doubt attract many people in the hospitality industry from all over Queens, including Forest Hills. Those attending will be sure to bring their premium business cards to hand out to people they meet.

The Academic, Arts and Community Gala will be held at the Terrace on the Park on February 26 from 6:00 to 10:00 PM. Tickets are $125 each. To learn more about this event, contact the Pan Gregorian Fund at 718-728-6000.