Why use presentation folders at marketing meetings?

October 21, 2013 by  

Marketing meetings give a company a chance to discuss a business plan with a potential client, or bring a current client up to date on the marketing efforts being done on its behalf. Such a meeting is important so that both the company and its client are “on the same page” with regards to the progress of a marketing campaign.
Marketing vs. advertising

People sometimes think marketing is nothing more than advertising, but the two are distinctly different. Advertising makes both new and repeat customers aware of a single service or product a company has on the market. The type of advertisement depends on the product being sold, and is done through a range of methods, including print ads, television and radio commercials, and web advertisements.

Marketing is much broader and includes researching a product to see if there is a market for it, designing an advertising campaign around the research findings, selling the product, continually promoting the company (not necessarily the product) in a positive light, and making sure customers are satisfied by asking them for their reactions and resolving problems immediately. Marketing, then, is an involved, long-lasting and vital discipline offering a tremendous impact on a client’s success. Marketing meetings, by extension, are very important to both parties, and a company can lose a client with a poor presentation.
Got to be perfect

Since so much rides on a successful meeting, every detail has to be perfect, and presentation folders can help a company present the professional image it needs to reassure clients. Presentation folders are usually made of heavy stock or other suitably stiff paper, folded in half. The folder will have pockets to hold papers and keep them organized. A company can have its logo printed on the folder—and will almost certainly do so—and follow that up with contents printed on letterhead or other stock that also carries the logo. Thus, all the items in the folder, plus the folder itself, have the company name on them. This makes an attractive package and establishes the company as a “brand” in the mind of the client.

Branding is very important today, when so many companies are in competition for customers. With the company name on the folder and each page of the contents, the client understands that the company is coherent and focused, and is an organization in tune with its branding.

Presentational prowess

Presentation folders give the company the opportunity to demonstrate its marketing capabilities. They not only present an attractive appearance; they are a concrete example of marketing in action since they tie all the information together in a package that consistently presents the company name.

Finally, a company can give the presentation folders to the client at the end of the meeting. The client walks away with all the information they need, contained in an attractive folder that, in itself, is an example of a well-organized marketing campaign. The folder alone may win a new client, or keep an existing client happy. Using a presentation folder at a marketing meeting is therefore a smart step for any business.