The four best items to include in a direct mailing campaign

August 28, 2013 by  

To many people, a direct mailing campaign may appear old fashioned. In an increasingly digital world such an argument could, on face value, appear sound. It isn’t entirely true, however. Well-executed direct mailing campaigns can produce far better results today than they ever have done in the past, but it’s important to get it right.

The approach to direct marketing needs to be different, and not rely on the tired letter-in-an-envelope approach. Instead, innovative techniques which create impact and response are needed, and inserts can help to deliver this.

Here are four great examples of the best items to include in your next direct mailing campaign.

Pop-up products

As creating an impact from your direct marketing campaign is so important, doing so early makes perfect sense. A bright and bold delivery method will help in this regard of course, but using pop-ups to help will increase the chances of success greatly.

There are many great pop-up products that can be used too. All of which can be tailored for your business and your slogan or message by a reputable print company. They can be delivered as pop-up balls and cubes, or more interesting shapes such as diamonds and pyramids.

The designs can go even further than this, with bespoke shapes also a possibility. Houses can work well, for example, or perhaps the brand name itself. With the potential to be used as desk tidies, calendars, and all manner of objects after the initial surprise has been created, pop-ups can be used for really memorable campaigns.

Inflated results

Closely linked to pop-up products in many respects, there is one great innovation that even the largest companies have used in their direct mailing campaigns before: balloons. Simple, effective, and extremely affordable, a balloon offers a great advertising canvas.

Boxed up and ready to gently float out when the packaging is opened, witty messages and invitations can be individually placed on the surface. Other products and free gifts can be attached to the balloon too.

Interactive products

Asking your customers to create something from their direct mailing package is a great way to engage with your target audience. Recent successful campaigns have seen instructions and materials for hand puppets included, whilst one firms packaging made a working vinyl record player. With great designs and delivery from a good company, anything is possible.

Sticky notepads

A constant favorite on any modern desk, the sticky back notepad is always useful. It is also a great advertising tool, with slogans, messages, mission statements and other company branding easily incorporated.

The sticky pad may not seem the most innovative idea of course, but it is one of the very best items to include in a direct mailing campaign. It is useful and unobtrusive. Included in an innovative campaign too, perhaps using other inserts for impact, it is a great way to stay in sight and mind at all times.

Direct mailing campaigns can be used to provide consumers with something different from the usual social media campaigns that companies seem to focus on these days. By thinking outside of the box, you’re sure to grab some attention.