Making an impression at business meetings through printed items

October 24, 2013 by  

Business meetings, when properly run, provide opportunities for companies to meet with existing or potential clients to discuss ongoing projects, exchange information, or consider new commitments. There are several simple things a company can do to win a client’s confidence, including arriving on time, being prepared, knowing the client well, and anticipating their needs. All of these go to help create an impression of a fully professional organization.

Another part of professionalism is creating a uniform brand through the use of printed materials. Branding makes it possible for a client to identify the company instantly from the logo or other designs on such things as business cards, letterheads, folders, and brochures. Every piece of printed material a company uses for public promotion should tie back to the company name, creating a strong identity or brand.

The power of print presentation

Marketing materials, particularly presentation folders, make a powerful impression at meetings. A presentation folder is a sheet of stiff material, often card stock, featuring the company logo or slogan on the cover. Inside, there are pockets to hold materials such as price lists and product specifications and there are also usually slits for business cards. When all of these materials bear the same design, and are printed so the design is clear, they create a positive first impression on potential clients, and reassure existing clients of the company’s standards.

At times, a company will share a newsletter or similar material with clients, sometimes by putting it in a presentation folder. A well-designed newsletter gives a potential client an overview of the company and can help them decide whether or not to they want to work with the organization. It goes without saying that the material has to be well-written, but it’s also important that the newsletter have a professional appearance. The photos have to be sharp and in focus; the text has to be clearly legible, and any tables must be easy to read. Like the other materials, a good-looking newsletter will help to create a positive impression of the company presenting it. If printed material is sloppy, a potential client may assume the entire operation is sloppy as well.

Strictly business

Business cards are often exchanged at meetings, and they too must have the same logo, clean execution and legibility as the rest of the printed materials the company produces. Exchanging business cards is an important part of any meeting, and a well-designed and cleanly printed card can create a powerful impression on the recipient, increasing the chance that they will recognize the company as a viable brand and decide to work with it.

A great deal rides on attractive printed material. It lets clients know the company is well-organized, does high-quality work, and is working to establish branding, an indication that it intends to remain in business. When the meeting is the first between a company and prospective client, sharp, well-designed printed materials can tip the scales in the company’s favor. Likewise, poorly crafted printed materials can create the impression that the company does not care about itself, and will extend this carelessness to the work it does for its clients.