How to choose between flyers and posters

August 27, 2013 by  

Marketing and advertising. Every business knows the value of increasing exposure. You might make the product that would revolutionize the American marketplace, but it has no opportunity to shine if no one knows it’s there. The owner of the club on the hippest corner of downtown needs a new house band, and has no idea your group’s available. Printed marketing solves these issues and more, but how do you choose between the various options? What speaks to whom and when should it be used?

Flyers and posters are identifiable, comfortable, and inexpensive. Both have survived an age for a reason; direct words combined with evocative imagery convey exactly what the designer needs them to, without falling outside the random viewer’s attention span. Several seconds are enough to see the what, when, and where, which can mean interest piqued and plans made or changed. Ideally, choose both flyers and posters to get your message out effectively, but consider some situations.

Flyers can be stacked

This is a simple but important advantage. You can print thousands upon thousands and form a team to hand them out. Or take a thousand to a local hotspot, leaving them with the manager. They’re large enough to not easily be lost and fold conveniently. Similarly, they have enough space to share whatever information you feel is pertinent. It’s acceptable for them to be neon, monochromatic, vibrant, demure – whatever suits your image. If you have an upcoming festival, concert, or parade, you should have flyers ready for the event. Make them witty, catchy, and concise, and each can grab the attention of an individual or small group of people. Printing several thousand means the process can be repeated over and over again.

Did you see the poster on the corner?

A good poster catches the eye, and draws attention from a crowd. It needs a captive audience in a static environment such as an office, entryway, ticket booth, public transit, or behind the counter. A well-designed poster works for years, driving traffic and bringing in business. It can become merchandise itself – a collectible or promotional item. It’s an appropriate medium for artistic expression, for seeking patronage. Crafting an effective flyer is an art, and posters are appropriate for every type of venue and any intended audience. People expect everything from the opera house to the junkyard to have posters.

Opting for mail marketing

If you have chosen mail marketing, flyers will obviously be the better choice of the two media. Material can be folded, stapled, and stamped. Or better still, take advantage of professional direct mailing services. Do you have a group of employees or volunteers wanting to support your ambition, or do you enjoy driving to local hotspots? Flyers are appropriate in these situations. On the other hand, do you have a storefront and need a display? Posters suit this. Does your intended customer base stand in lines regularly? Posters need to go up where lines are formed. Ideally, choose a poster for the entrance, and flyers for the interior.