How personalized stationery can help a business

August 24, 2013 by  

There are many ways in which personalized stationery can help a company progress; from providing that all important strong first impression to creating a brand image and boosting awareness. As effective and simple marketing tools to put into practice, envelopes, letterheads, business cards, and compliment slips can all be wonderfully customized.

Making an impression

Creating personalized stationery which creates an impression is important. That impression must be positive, though. Too little and it will serve little or minimal purpose. Too much and it will not reflect well on the professionalism of a company. Working with a reputable print company will help to deliver just the right tone.

With all corporate stationery, from the simplest of compliment slips to seasonal brochures, coherency is important. Applying a standard delivers more than a professional and joined up image though, it also helps to create that awareness and familiarity, which can be so important to drive repeat business.

The right information

What the personalization is saying is also important. Logos are good of course; again for familiarity and awareness. Contact information too is essential, most particularly phone numbers, email addresses and web addresses. Any straplines, taglines or short message statements are also good to include.


With creating a positive and memorable impact always a good idea, using certain embellishments on your personalized business stationery can help. Professional designers and print shops can emboss, watermark and introduce colors and metallic effects easily. However, a simple and straightforward design may work best. It all depends on the business and the target market.

Improving staff morale

There are also benefits that are not immediately apparent with personalized stationery. Internally, for example, it provides staff with familiarity too. It also creates an instant relationship. Put simply, staff members should feel proud to work for a company which takes its time and is proud enough to put its name and logo to business cards and letterheads.

Personalization will no doubt help clients, too. In the case of hard copy invoices, for example, it helps customers find what they are looking for quickly. In turn, this can help to ensure bills are paid on time.

These are very small benefits though. Most particularly, it is all about just creating that professional image. In a B2B environment, that is critical. For consumer companies too though, it is becoming increasingly important.

Saving money

Another great benefit to personalized stationery is its affordability. Whether working with a print company’s templates, or designing something a little more bespoke, effective creations can be delivered to drive business and forge that professional image.

It is all about the same three benefits – creating a good impression, demonstrating a firm’s professionalism and building a brand. However, there is one other thing that makes personalized stationery so beneficial – that personal touch.

In the digital world today, there is a tendency to rely on social networking messages, emails and so forth. However, a firm that takes the time to send posted confirmations, even working as a back-up, do find they are more memorable. There is a lot to be said for just getting a little more personal.